Bosphorus Watch Trunk Saffiano Burgundy


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All handcrafted, excellent Bosphorus Leather Watch Trunk occurs with double trays. The first tray stands at up floor and the other one stands under it. The downside of the upper tray does not touch the watches of the bottom tray. To prevent probable touch, we remain a gap between two trays! Also, the interior surface of the upper shutter does not touch the watches of the upper tray when the case is being closed. Due to the trays are removable, you can keep the trays in your safe as well!

Bosphorus Watch Trunk is an amazing product with its' a hundred percent genuine leather, licensed dyes, gold accessories that will serve to the luxury watch/jewelry sector. Bosphorus Craftsmen apply a sort of pad between the leather and skeleton of the case to prevent probable shocks during your travels.