Bosphorus Petra Saffiano Full Green for 8 Watches



Bosphorus Leather Petra Watch Case

Dimensions : 31cm X 19cm X 10cm (12.2 X 7.48 X 3.93 in inch)

Bosphorus Leather Petra Watch Case is specifically designed by Masters for the watch enthusiasts and watch collectors to protect their supreme timepieces either in travel or at home even in your watch display meetings. The appearance of this elegant watch case is richened with Saffiano Leather Vintage effects by our workshop Craftsmen who have Mastery on the leather dying and Two-sided Lock (with key). Rigorously applied stitches look quite chic as fine detail. It is possible to remove the tray (insert) while you want to save the watches in your safe! You can also use the case for your other substances protecting without remove when you go out!

All handcrafted / hand-dyed, excellent Bosphorus watch Petra watch case is crafted a hundred percent genuine, highest quality scripted Patina Leather! Natural brown Suede Leather has been used for the interior of this case and for all cushions by craftsmen. We do not use industrial suede in our workshop to make the user feel the velvety texture with Bosphorus Petra Watch Case.
Make this case that you can use for many years without getting bored yours now! You will love the usage of the Petra Case!

Product Features
  • Saffiano Leather for Outside
  • Suede Leather for Inside
  • 8 Cushions
  • 1 Slide Sideways Gold Lock (without key)
  • 8 Gold Brass coated Corner Shield 4 Gold Brass Edge Shield
  • Without Handle