Bosphorus Galata Togo Black for 4 Watches



Bosphorus Galata Togo Black Leather Watch Roll

Dimensions :

For 4 Watches ; 30cm X 10cm X 7,5cm (11.8 X 3.94 X 2.95 in inch)

Bosphorus Watch Roll is specifically designed for your timepieces protection during your travels. This chic and elegance case is functional for storing your watches at home either. Putting your timepieces in your luggage without protection may not end up well! Bosphorus watch storage cases are the Best Choice if you need one!

Super easy to separate the cushions (are fastened by snaps) from each other in anywhere (airport, stations, hotel) when you want to wear one of your watches. We apply a technique to soften the snaps to practice their usage. The snaps are quite secure despite their softness! We also apply a technique to strengthen that snaps to facilitate your usage. We ensure that all handmade this excellent Bosphorus Watch Roll is crafted from genuine cow leather! Bosphorus craftsmen use Natural Leather for the outside and natural Suede Leather for the interior of the roll. The natural Suede Leather is being used for all cushions. Because of not using Industrial Suede, it is possible to feel the natural velvety texture in Bosphorus Rolls.
Handcrafted Leather Watch Rolls at reasonable prices!

Product Features
  • Natural Togo Leather for Outside
  • Suede Leather for Inside and Cushions
  • 3 Seperable Cushions
  • 2 Silver Brass Snaps as opening and closing up
  • 2 Silver Brass Snaps for fastening the cushions to the separator