“A perfect circle in a perfect square” is how CLERC describes its famous and unique Hydroscaph case architecture design. Its inspiration came from a desire to unite two very basic geometric shapes in perfect unison and harmony. There’s also an element of mystery and surprise, of course, as the case geometry appears to change depending on the viewing angle. Is it a square? Is it a circle? No, it’s actually both!

No matter how you look at it, the Hydroscaph case is clearly the most instantly recognizable feature of the collection. No other watch looks anything like it – and that’s one of the many reasons the Hydroscaph appeals to people all over the world.

m10The Hydroscaph case corresponds to one of the most complex constructions in contemporary watchmaking. Developed in close cooperation with a team of underwater exploration professionals, it comprises 81 to 103 individually machined parts ensuring that each individual case is truly unique. Developed and fine-tuned by series of formidably demanding tests, the high-tech case is guaranteed water-resistant from 500 to 800 meters and reflects an uncompromising approach to both functionality and aesthetics. The generously sized case – instantly recognizable by its iconic exclusive rotating bezel – forms a perfect circle in a perfect square and is protected from any inadvertent activation by an exclusive device.

dedicated crown requires prior deployment of a retractable flap built in to the crown. Once retracted, the bezel is thus securely locked and protected from any accidental deregulation when diving. The time-setting and winding crown provides an optimal grip, while the glare-proofed 4 mm sapphire crystal protects this luxurious high-tech watch from any scratches or violent impacts.

The Hydroscaph is a powerful working “exploration machine” and as such it is designed and engineered for draconian environments – the kind you find very deep under the oceans. At those depths, there is zero tolerance for mistakes, zero margin for error, and no time for ambiguity.

DLC coating ensures the Hydroscaph case is as hard as diamond – the world’s most resistant material. Five gasket barriers inside the case protect the watch internals from any chance of water penetration – even if the diver activates the bezel or the pushers on the chronograph model while under water (such usage is not recommended, but tested against anyway). The 4mm sapphire crystal is completely scratch and shock-proof.

JpegOf course, the CLERC Hydroscaphs have a very unique advantage no other dive watch can offer: actual live testing in deep water.

Thanks to our partnership with Sub Aviator Systems and their Nuytco-based laboratories and research center, CLERC is the only watch brand in the industry able to test its watches by attaching them to a real-life underwater submersible capable of reaching down thousands of feet of water. With access to these amazing underwater flying machines and the high-tech laboratories they come from, CLERC is writing a new chapter in what it means to really test the world’s most powerful luxury diving watches.

This article describes in detail the unique testing processes our Hydroscaph diving watches endure.



Written by Troy Barbagallo

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