<div class="quote">Bremont unveils the ultimate aviation watch, incorporating original material from the 1903 wright flyer, plus its first proprietary movement</div>
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<h1 class="heading">THE WRIGHT FLYER LIMITED EDITION</h1>
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<p><span>What makes the ultimate aviation-inspired watch?</span> Bremont has pondered the question for years. Mechanically, it would have to be outstanding. Just as importantly, as with previous Bremont Limited Editions, it would have to incorporate a remarkable piece of history. In historical terms, what could be more remarkable than an original part of the first ever powered aircraft? The 1903 Wright Flyer was built and designed by the Wright Brothers themselves in Dayton, Ohio, USA. It’s the invention and aircraft that changed the way we live today and it has now inspired our latest, and perhaps most unique, limited edition timepiece.</p>
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<p>Bremont is honoured to announce the unveiling of the Limited Edition Bremont Wright Flyer on the 23rd July 2014 at the Science Museum in London. The new timepiece will feature some of the original fabric used on the 1903 Wright Flyer aircraft. Just as significantly, it showcases Bremont’s first ever proprietary movement, the BWC/01, part-developed and designed in Britain with our Swiss partners. A number of the key constituent movement parts are also planned to be manufactured at the company’s workshops in the UK, which is the first step for Bremont towards manufacturing movements in their entirety on these shores. The 25 jewel, 33.4mm movement features, 50+ hour power reserve, Glucydur balance and a hairspring adjusted via a micro-metric screw. Utterly reliable and extremely robust, the BWC/01 is elegant and beautifully finished, with a central hour and minute hand and a running second hand at 9 o’clock.</p>
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<figure><img class="img--fluid img--top-offset" src="http://www.bremont.com/TWassets/images/wf/movement.png" alt="The new BWC/01 movement without rotor" />
<figcaption>The new BWC/01 movement without rotor</figcaption>
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<p>This unique project was only made possible by the Wright family’s passion for Bremont’s aviation heritage. According to family member Amanda Wright Lane: </p>
<p>“Our partnership with Bremont on the Limited Edition Wright Flyer watch is a natural fit. Bremont’s dedication to historical themes, particularly in aviation, demonstrated by their iconic limited edition watches, all incorporating genuine historic artefacts, caught our attention immediately. As a top quality watchmaker, the brand is a perfect fit for the Wright brothers’ legacy. The wing cloth from the 1903 Wright Flyer is considered almost priceless by some, but we felt Bremont’s passion for aviation heritage made them a suitable choice for this rare use of the cloth. The Bremont Wright Flyer is a stunning way to launch our brand in international markets and is sure to become one of the most valuable watches ever made.*</p>
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Written by Troy Barbagallo

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