The Watch Stand - Watch Winder - One Planet Double Axis - White


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Bernard Favre Watch Winder

Released in 2011, following years of development, Bernard Favre’s double-axis ‘Planet’ watch winder keeps your automatic timepiece wound and safe within their glass-encased gyroscope. By utilising three-dimensional movement, Bernard Favre’s watch winders mimic a wearer’s wrist movements to ensure that your watch is kept wound to the optimal amount, while also keeping it out of harm’s way and on display for your viewing pleasure. On top of their utility, these watch winders also move your watch in a hypnotic dance that is intriguing to watch and something only a luxury watch winder can provide.

With an emphasis on mechanical perfection and sublime craftsmanship, it is no surprise that every Bernard Favre watch winder must pass several tests before it can leave their manufacture. Using only the highest quality hand-assembled materials in their watch winders, Bernard Favre has created beautiful, functional and luxurious watch winders that you can be proud to own and store your cherished timepieces within. It was important to us that our luxury watch winders deserve to display, store and wind the luxury timepieces that our customers have entrusted our them to wind.