Bosphorus Watch Collector Case 15 Watches Saffiano Olive Green



Bosphorus Leather Watch Collector Case

Dimensions : 38,5cm X 28cm X 10cm (15.15 X 11.02 X 3.94 in inch)

Bosphorus Master Edition Combination Lock Watch Saffiano Purple Collector Case is specifically designed for watch collectors, watch enthusiasts protect their precious timepieces either in travels or while storing at home. The collectors may use this chic watch case to display their collections in watch meetings. The appearance of this highly elegant watch case is richened with leather engraving techniques for scriptures on it, with applying Patina effect techniques and chic accessories.

While you are closing your watch case, the interior face of the upper shutter does not touch to the watches! There is a gap that we remain to prevent a scratch! Our craftsmen also apply a sort of special pad between the leather and skeleton of the case to prevent probable shocks! It is possible to remove the tray (insert) while you want to save your watches in your safe!

All handcrafted, excellent Bosphorus Watch Case is crafted from the hundred percent genuine, high-quality leather. Our craftsmen use Scripted Patina Leather for the Outside and natural Suede Leather for the interior of this case. The natural Suede is being used for all cushions. Because of not using industrial suede, it is possible to feel the natural velvety texture in Bosphorus Leather Watch Collector Cases! The appearance of the suede with timepieces is definitely so chic!
The customization is possible for the color of the interior and for the pockets. You can drop the pockets and turn the case for 15 watches. The pockets maximizing the usage of the case to store your extra straps, spring bars, pins, etc.
Product Features
  • Saffiano Leather for Outside
  • Suede Leather for Interior and Cushions
  • Removable suede tray (insert)
  • 15 Cushions without Pocket
  • Leather coated Handle
  • 2 Locks(Combination Lock) on the both sides
  • 8 Leather corner shield