U-Boat U-42 47mm 6471

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This astonishing and exceptionally rare model was designed with a reinvented hand winder made from the same Grade-5 Titanium that was used for the back case, case and bezel.
All engravings on this piece are carried out by mechanical pantograph, including the brass dial with plate located, which is galvanised and finished with a bright enamel paste.
The pressure resistance of this piece is tested in an autoclave at 40 bar before the final assembly is completed.
The U-42’s winding crown was built in two parts: one is attached to the movement stem whilst the other is hinged to it with a pivot.This gives a flexible joint configuration which allows the crown to protrude considerably from the watch itself for winding and setting, yet returning it to a protected, hidden position, diminishing the side clutter when in action. This type of crown is imperative under certain conditions as it is absolutely necessary for activities during which gloves are required such as underwater operations and environmental practice at Arctic temperatures.
The water-tight crown protection attached to the stem is assured by a clipping gasket in energised Polytetrafluoroethylene and by an o-ring twin-arrangement.

Limited to 99 units worldwide.