Montegrappa Fortuna Skull BP

Montegrappa Fortuna Skull BP

  • $ 395.00 AUD

A universal motif that transcends cultural borders. A symbol of death in one society, a celebration of life in another. The skull possesses instant familiarity as it is a part of every one of us. It serves as a Mexican icon to celebrate the departed and a medieval religious totem, an essential rocknroll logo and an outlaw bikers patch, a horror movie staple and a pirates flag, a universal sign of warning.

Its edginess is inherent, but so is its cool, an image now found on everything from wristwatch dials to scarves to rings on both hands of one of the worlds greatest guitarists the Rolling Stones Keith Richards. Now the skull graces a series of pens in Montegrappas Fortuna Series, an apt choice as the skull meant good fortune in ancient civilizations, while the intellectual act of writing is served by the mystery of crystal skulls, which represent wisdom, knowledge and consciousness.

Fortuna Skull pens are adorned with skulls throughout the barrel, with a large skull engraving positioned opposite the clip on the cap. Fortuna Skull pens are offered in a limited and numbered edition to 888 pieces.