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Linde Werdelin presented two new additions to their Spidolite family this year at Baselworld, the Spidolite Titanium and Spidolite Gold. The new watches continue the Spidolite theme of reduction in the name of weight loss, presenting an open worked dial layout first seen on the Spidospeed. Both of the watches got their first crack at the market at the Parisian boutique, Chronopassion, and in Linde Werdelin form, each are limited to just 75 pieces.


The SpidoLite collection began more than 5 years ago in an attempt to rid the case and dial of any unnecessary, weight-bearing elements. The family has sense spawned a variety of limited editions across 4 generations, complete with exotic colors and materials, using the same module case design and construction that has since become a trademark for the brand. The newest watches take the theme a step further by opening the dial to reveal the skeletonized movement underneath.

The SpidoLite in Titanium and Gold measure 44mm in diameter, but the machined and hollow components of the case, along with its shape, make for wearability way beyond what you’d expect from a watch with these dimensions. The recessions in the case, paired with the hexakey screws draw a heavy visual emphasis, creating some amount of conflict with the open dial design. The case remains the biggest draw to the SpidoLite thanks to the industrial and raw nature of the design.

The dial of each watch is openworked with geometric bridges running atop the skeletonized movement. Portions of the mainspring and gear train are visible, with minimal decoration leaving the trigon patterned bridge plate to enjoy the attention. Robust hour and minute hands come in blue or gold depending on the case material, and do an adequate job of remaining visible within the highly intricate dial and case structures.

Each of the watches use the LW07 movement, which was developed in partnership with Chronode S.A. and is the first use of the new movement within the SpidoLite family. Unlike the LW04 movement used in prior generations, the LW07 moves to a centrally mounted running seconds hand

The SpidoLite Titanium is priced at $23,000 and comes with a grey, hand-cut rubber strap

The SpidoLite Gold will run $41,500, and comes on a black, textured calfskin strap. Each are available here now, and each are limited to 75 numbered pieces.

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